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          The National Aboriginal pital Corporations Association (NAC) is the umbrella organization for a network of?59 Aboriginal Financial Institutions?(AFIs) across nada.

          Over the last 30 years, the AFI network has provided nearly?$ 3 billion to support economic development and the unique and specific needs of 50,000 Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) loans?in Indigenous communities?all across nada.

          NAC’s Board of Directors is 100% Indigenous,?and?all entrepreneurs?supported by our AFI network are members of a?First Nation, Metis, or Inuit community.


          Are you an Indigenous woman thinking of starting your own business??

          We n assist you!?

          Entrepreneurship is a promising pathway for Indigenous women to create their own employment and independent sources of income.?

          NAC and the Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs) offer?financial support — including loans, grants & programming guidance —?to Indigenous women entrepreneurs.?

          GROWTH FUND

          ?The Indigenous Growth Fund is a new, innovative fund created by NAC that will leverage government investment to raise additional pital from institutional investors. The fund will make pital available to the Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs) to provide loans to new and expanding Indigenous businesses.


          Latest News

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